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Here are some predictions for the API space for 2014: Rise of the Client It's generally agreed that an API is only as good as the clients which use it. An unused API is a failure. So that's why it's odd that so much attention has focused on the server side of APIs, with comparatively little attention paid to the client side (there are exceptions though, like Runscope's handy Request Editor and hurl.it, to help developer API clients). If you ask an API provider about how their API is going to be called by clients, often you are met with a hand-wavy answer along the lines of "It's REST, so it's easy". While it may be true that it's easy to hack together a client to call the API that "just works", the problem is that that's all it does. It "just works", but doesn't provide the high-level benefits such as: - Ensuring the API is responding according to your expected service le... (more)

API Gateway Support for HATEOAS: First Do No Harm

I often think it's ironic that while the mission of REST is to simplify Web development, REST itself is beset with seemingly complex jargon and architecture patterns. I say "seemingly complex" because, once you look into REST architecture in depth, it actually is simple. In some ways, it's almost too simple. It's easy to rack your brains about some REST pattern, but then realize: It's just how the Web works. I'm reminded of the line from Moliere about the bourgeois gentleman who spends years trying to understand how he could speak in "prose", then he exclaims "Good heavens! For m... (more)

Example of a Twitter Phishing Attack

Looks like there is a lot of Twitter phishing going around right now. I got a strange DM on Saturday, which contained a URL constructed to look like a Facebook page: The link itself was to a shorted t.co URL, in this case: http://t.co/xXJ3JBr This redirects to a page being served out by apps.facebook.com. However, it frames a page which is being served out by wow.freshtweets.info (WHOIS info), a domain registered by someone in Miami. A traceroute shows that the content in the frame is served from a server located in Russia. You can see the framing below, it is quite convincing: Pre... (more)

Enterprise APIs and the 'Iceberg Slide'

It is often noted that every presentation by an API vendor must include the "Iceberg Slide". As Swift from Sendgrid noted at API Days SF, "API people sure do love their icebergs".The iceberg slide is used to show that Open APIs (the ones you see on ProgrammableWeb, which any developer can sign up for) are just "the tip of the iceberg". Enterprise APIs, the kinds of APIs used for partner integration and to link internal systems, are much larger. In the iceberg analog they are "the bottom of the iceberg". [ I also like the analogy with Dark Matter: "Dark APIs" are the Enterprise AP... (more)

Linking B2B with APIs | @ThingsExpo @Axway #IoT #API #InternetOfThings

Linking B2B with APIs Bill Doerrfeld at Nordic APIs has written today about how APIs are evolving the B2B landscape. This is a particularly interesting article for me, because my personal background is working for an EDI provider, where I linked EDI processes from the private network to the Internet, over 15 years ago. Vordel was founded to allow new Web Services APIs to be used for B2B. Axway, a B2B software company, acquired Vordel in 2012 to link B2B with Web APIs. This caused a domino effect, with other API Management vendors being acquired shortly afterwards. However, none of ... (more)