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Mark O'Neill

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We at Vordel released Version 5.2 of our Gateway, which connects to Cloud Services. If you need to connect your systems to SalesForce.com, Amazon S3 or SQS or SimpleDB, or Microsoft or Yahoo! Web Services, with security and without writing code, then this is the product for you. Here's the release: San Diego, CA - July 29, 2009 - Vordel, the XML networking management company, today announced at the Burton Catalyst Conference the general availability of Vordel 5.2, its suite of application networking products. Vordel 5.2 enables enterprises to connect their applications to Cloud services such as Amazon Web Services, SalesForce.com, and Microsoft Azure. Vordel benefits enterprises by resolving the complexity of connecting SOA and Cloud-based services and providing a secure and transparent environment for this process. To successfully transition and adapt to a cloud en... (more)

Who Do You Trust To Meter The Cloud?

Tom Raftery at Greenmonk (the green shoot from Redmonk) has a great analysis of the disastrous use of smart meters by PG&E in Bakersfield, California. He quotes SmartMeters.com that: Bakersfield residents believe their new smart meters are malfunctioning because their bills are much higher than before. PG&E claims higher bills are due to rate hikes, an unusually warm summer, and customers not shifting demand to off-peak times when rates are lower. http://www.smartmeters.com/the-news/682-lawsuit-filed-against-pgae-for-smart-meter-overcharges.html In the same story on smartmeters.com, S... (more)

Vordel's CEO Vic Morris on Cloud Computing

Opening Keynote at Cloud Expo Vordel's CEO, Vic Morris, recently was interviewed by Jessica Ann Mola at ebizQ for a podcast. The questions which Vic addresses are: * Why is cloud computing such a compelling model and which verticals are adopting cloud computing most? * What are the major challenges hindering the adoption of cloud computing by large enterprises? * How can companies overcome their concerns to ensure they benefit from cloud computing? * What is the role of SOA in cloud? * Is there a space for specialist vendors in a market dominated by giants such as Amazon, Goog... (more)

API Gateway Support for HATEOAS: First Do No Harm

I often think it's ironic that while the mission of REST is to simplify Web development, REST itself is beset with seemingly complex jargon and architecture patterns. I say "seemingly complex" because, once you look into REST architecture in depth, it actually is simple. In some ways, it's almost too simple. It's easy to rack your brains about some REST pattern, but then realize: It's just how the Web works. I'm reminded of the line from Moliere about the bourgeois gentleman who spends years trying to understand how he could speak in "prose", then he exclaims "Good heavens! For m... (more)

APIs: What Will Happen With The Internet of Things?

Until recently, when I would talk about "APIs", I would qualify it by saying "Web APIs", in order to distinguish from the older meaning of APIs as more the tightly-coupled APIs used in Java, C/C++, or even Visual Basic. If you just said "APIs", until recently, some people may think you mean APIs like the Windows API (I can remember Charles Petzold's excellent Windows API book was on my desk back when I was a programmer at an EDI VAN in the 90s). Recently Kin Lane has posted some good questions about the nature of APIs on his blog - he begins by explaining: Just exactly what an API... (more)